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Life coaches aren’t just for people in crisis. In fact, life coaching can help all sorts of people, including those who’ve inadvertently worked themselves into a rut and aren’t sure how to get out. Consider the following factors if you feel stuck professionally or personally.

You Have Problems With Follow-Through

Do you tend to give up easily when faced with a challenge? This self-sabotaging behavior is more common than you think. Life coaching allows you to identify issues with follow-through, as well as problems with procrastination, so you can correct these bad habits.

You’re Mired in Doubt

Self-doubt prevents you from pursuing the goals you set. Doubt also decreases confidence, which can leave you feeling hesitant and unsure. Life coaching helps you overcome the doubts you have about yourself and your abilities using proven confidence-boosting methods.

You’re Fuzzy on the Details

If you’re like most people, you have aspirations of where you would like to be in the future. However, you’re probably less clear on the details of how to get there. During coaching sessions, you can lay out these goals and brainstorm on the best way to achieve them.

You Want to Be Healthier

Physical wellness has a real impact on mental health. Working with a life coach is beneficial in this case, as they can design a wholesome and delicious diet to best suit your needs. You can also discuss an exercise plan, which can be tailored to all sorts of individuals.

5. You Lack Purpose

Feeling unfulfilled can be linked to a lack of purpose. Having a meaningful life is more important than many people realize, whether you derive meaning from being a parent, philanthropist, world traveler, or volunteer. A life coach will help you pin down your purpose, so you can contribute more to the world.