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Meditation is a fundamental aspect of spiritual counseling that you can do almost anywhere. Deep meditative states connect the mind, body, and soul, but they take preparation to achieve. Many individuals struggle with the focus required, but the following guide will help you fully clear your mind on the path to deep, therapeutic meditation.

Get Comfortable

To reach a meditative state, you must relax your body and mind. Choose a location where you can focus and feel at ease. While sitting cross-legged is standard, you may choose the position most comfortable for you. You may even want to lie down.

Focus on the Breath

Take a few slow, deep breaths, and release the tension in your body as you breathe out.  As you inhale, imagine breathing in love, grace, and healing energy.  As you exhale, imagine releasing all the stresses of your day.  Imagine that the stressful energy leaves with the exhale and our through your fingertips.  Continue to do this as long as it feels comfortable for you.  Once you are relaxed, focus on your breath.

Focus on the Positives

Many seek spiritual counseling for guidance during difficult times, particularly when they are looking for positive outcomes. By centering your thoughts and feelings of joy, security, and stability, you will ease your mind and bring yourself deeper into meditation. Release feelings of stress and negativity that keep the mind on-edge.

Take in the Silence

The bustle of daily life may prevent you from appreciating genuine quiet. Savor the silence of meditation as your mind, body, and soul unite in new ways. Remember that you likely will not reach this state immediately. Deep meditation takes practice and patience, so you should see success as a tranquil reward for your training.

 General Wellness: Yoga and Diet

Yoga is a popular activity among meditation circles. The practice releases tension and promotes mindfulness, calm, and balance. By practicing yoga before your meditative session, you’re preparing to fall into a deeper state of concentration.

Heavy meals full of fried foods, carbs, and sugar may leave you feeling tired and unfocused. For some, light, healthy meals that feed your body and brain makes meditation easier. Fruits, vegetables, and low-fat proteins like eggs and lean fish may help you achieve a better state of mind for deeper meditation